Sep. 20th, 2007

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Guess what!! The lovely and brilliant [ profile] sdwolfpup has made Team VIDS to help get Team Angst and Team Romance inspired!! Here's yours, Team Angst!!

Team Angst - Mountanic
File size & type: 33 MB DivX AVI
Music: Titanic movie trailer
Source: "Mountie on the Bounty"
Vid by: SDWolfpup
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Team! Guess what? We have a banner and icons of our mascot, thanks to the lovely and talented [ profile] sprat. Once I figure how to put the banner up on our comm we'll be in business. (I don't know CSS. I have gone out of my way not to learn CSS. And here I am...stuck figuring out how to learn CSS. Life IS hard and I fail at LJ coding).

We also have a soundtrack thanks to [ profile] jamethiel_bane's hard work and willingness to spend hours uploading Tim Lehr songs. [ profile] omphale23 also has some plans in the works for a second Team Angst soundtrack, and she asks that you put in some suggestions about possible songs, or help her cut the list down. (Apparently there is a lot of sad music about heartbreak and loneliness floating around out there. Who knew?)

Speaking of music, [ profile] catwalksalone very nearly co-opted Stan Rogers' "Northwest Passage" as a Team Romance song. I had to set her straight. Because that song? Is ANGST. As is most of Roger's ouvre. I've been in negotiations with [ profile] catwalksalone (and no, I'm not sure how these representatives get picked) and Cat has claimed French for the official Romance language; we get German. And beer is our official drink. They get floaty dresses and, I dunno, capes and crap like that, and we get thick-soled stompy boots and black leather. I think that since we've already got a language, a dress code, an official drink and an animal mascot we're more organized than many small countries, but I'm sure there is still ground out there to claim. Icons and other team goodies are still being produced, [ profile] ds_team_root is going strong, and the fabulous [ profile] sdwolfpup has vid for our team called "Mountanic." It may be the greatest thing ever.

And finally our Drabble Tree is expanding nicely. I love our team so much! The drabbles posted thus far have been fantastic, and I know there are many more branches to come. If you haven't contributed yet please do so; there's still a lot of time before the prompts are assigned on Monday, and I know we've only begun to plumb the depths of despair and pain to which the Boys can sink.

Go team angst!


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