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LJ has deleted and purged at least one comm ([ profile] ds_match) it deemed inactive, even though there were posts there, so this is a comm-is-still-active post.

Apologies for the spam.
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Hey there, people!

Author's names have been revealed! You're now free to pimp your (and others') fic on your LJ, reply to comments and bask in the glory. We only ask that, as with other [ profile] ds_flashfiction challenges, you please refrain from re-posting your stories elsewhere until the challenge officially closes on Monday.

If you'd like me to edit in author's notes (or edit the ones that are there), comment here or drop me a line. :D

In conclusion: YAY TEAM ANGST!!!!!!!! GO TEAM ANGST!!!!!!! \o/ \o/ \o/
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Hello angsters (and any romancers reading this; I'm leaving this unlocked as some of you might be interested in it as well)!

[ profile] zebra363 has an interesting post in which she talks about her approach to rating stories, particularly angst stories. There are a few stories mentioned specifically in the post and in the comments. It's fascinating to me because I love reading about how people approach stories, partly because I'm a writer (and want to craft my stories to hit people just right) and partly because I like to compare/contrast with my own approach.
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Today's the big day! In a very short time, we'll be posting the first of the DS Match stories! *rubs hands together excitedly* Are you ready?

Before we get started, here are some rules of play:

1. You must not vote or comment on stories from your own team. This applies even if you are a backup writer or have dropped out. You're more than welcome to discuss, admire and squee about your team's stories in locked posts here in your team comm.

2. You must not vote on stories from the opposing team. However, you're more than welcome to comment (politely) on stories from the other team, and to speculate about who wrote them.

3. You're more than welcome to point, prod or push your friends over to read and vote, and should feel free to pimp your team's efforts as madly as you like. *g* That said, please don't make a special fuss on the day it's your story. Discretion is the better part of anonymity.

4. You may want to use LJ's subscription facility to track comment notifications on your story when it's posted.

5. Only the mod making each post will be able to see the poll results, and she won't be sharing them with the teams or non-participants in any way. Please don't ask how your team is doing. We can't say.

In conclusion: You all rock like crazy rocking things! \♥/ \♥/ \♥/
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I hope it's okay to post this. It's sort of a Team Angst joke.

Title: Ray's Big Adventure
Author: Brigantine
Pairing: F/K
Rating: G
Warning: Way past my bedtime on a work night.
Feedback: is as nifty as a fresh donut
Disclaimer: Not my boys, but I like to show them a good time.
Summary: Ray tries to make friends with Frannie's computer. Dief has his own agenda.
oddness )
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Hey there, you wonderful people!

How to submit your story )

What happens next )

Finally, in response to a question from Team Angst about the dialogue prompts: prompts can be said or thought by one of the characters in the story. This is a slight variation from the original rules. Apologies for any inconvenience.

And finally finally -- yay for all of you! This challenge is ROCKING!!! Go Team Angst!!!


Oct. 16th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Everybody (and then some) should have received a check-in note from me tonight. Also, I was, um, being extra-thorough and sent them to backup writers, too. Doh! /o\

Obviously, backup writers do NOT have to meet the Oct 22 deadline. If we find that we need to call you up, we'll send you an email letting you know your prompt and when we'll need your fic by.

Sorry for any confusion! :)
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Hola, angsters! Some of you may be aware that the talented [ profile] j_s_cavalcante gave those cheese-eating, wine-swilling, French-speaking team Romancers some suggestive artistic inspiration last week. She presented our competition with the Embrace (note: NSFW, male/male nudity and eroticism) and I may have made one or two suggestions that the portrait was actually angsty and not sugary-sweet in nature. Not wanting to play favourites, JS took up the gauntlet to show us how angsty a drawing she could make.

So here it is, folks: Back Against the Wall. The link goes to JS's journal, and from there you can click on the thumbnail to go to the larger portrait. Again, M/M nudity, NSFW (even though I'm posting this at work. Shhhhh) and be prepared for fabulous Fraser!belly, which makes me a very happy Nos.

Go Team Angst! Now we have uncertainty and tension in colour! Remember to thank JS for the angsty artwork, and let her know what you think of the drawing. She worked very hard on this piece.
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In an effort to continue to keep my title as Minion, I've compiled a list of anonymous angst that some innocent bystanders (team_room) might not be aware of.  We don't want to hide any of Team Angst's wonderful accomplishments.  If there are others not listed here please let me know and I'll add them.

Random anonymous (and not so anonymous) angst postings:

Anonymous angst snippet series and who they were sent to:

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Is anybody up for beta-ing a chunk of angst? (It's not my actual team angst fic entry--I'm just trying to get in the MOOD.)

It's set in and after COTW. Right now it's about 1500 words--I hope to finish it tomorrow or the next day, and it'll probably be in the 3,000 to 5,000 word range unless it wiggles completely out from under me, which is always possible. I could send it in bits or when done.

Takers? *flutters eyelashes prettily at you, in an angsty manner*
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[ profile] bluebrocade made bunches of Team icons! You can find them in her journal here. \o/
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For better or worse, as requested by [personal profile] keerawa, with much thanks to [personal profile] ainsley for teaching me how to do this:


I got drive-by romanced last night, which inspired me to add another layer to this.  So here is the Drabble Spam, revised, including which Team Romance team member got what.

his has been too much fun...
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Team! Guess what? We have a banner and icons of our mascot, thanks to the lovely and talented [ profile] sprat. Once I figure how to put the banner up on our comm we'll be in business. (I don't know CSS. I have gone out of my way not to learn CSS. And here I am...stuck figuring out how to learn CSS. Life IS hard and I fail at LJ coding).

We also have a soundtrack thanks to [ profile] jamethiel_bane's hard work and willingness to spend hours uploading Tim Lehr songs. [ profile] omphale23 also has some plans in the works for a second Team Angst soundtrack, and she asks that you put in some suggestions about possible songs, or help her cut the list down. (Apparently there is a lot of sad music about heartbreak and loneliness floating around out there. Who knew?)

Speaking of music, [ profile] catwalksalone very nearly co-opted Stan Rogers' "Northwest Passage" as a Team Romance song. I had to set her straight. Because that song? Is ANGST. As is most of Roger's ouvre. I've been in negotiations with [ profile] catwalksalone (and no, I'm not sure how these representatives get picked) and Cat has claimed French for the official Romance language; we get German. And beer is our official drink. They get floaty dresses and, I dunno, capes and crap like that, and we get thick-soled stompy boots and black leather. I think that since we've already got a language, a dress code, an official drink and an animal mascot we're more organized than many small countries, but I'm sure there is still ground out there to claim. Icons and other team goodies are still being produced, [ profile] ds_team_root is going strong, and the fabulous [ profile] sdwolfpup has vid for our team called "Mountanic." It may be the greatest thing ever.

And finally our Drabble Tree is expanding nicely. I love our team so much! The drabbles posted thus far have been fantastic, and I know there are many more branches to come. If you haven't contributed yet please do so; there's still a lot of time before the prompts are assigned on Monday, and I know we've only begun to plumb the depths of despair and pain to which the Boys can sink.

Go team angst!
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Guess what!! The lovely and brilliant [ profile] sdwolfpup has made Team VIDS to help get Team Angst and Team Romance inspired!! Here's yours, Team Angst!!

Team Angst - Mountanic
File size & type: 33 MB DivX AVI
Music: Titanic movie trailer
Source: "Mountie on the Bounty"
Vid by: SDWolfpup
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Hi team!

I mentioned in my first rambly captain post that we're going to be doing some writing exercises to get warmed up for the Matchup Challenge. A Drabble Tree is a fun way to get started, and hopefully it will get everyone writing.

I'll post a comment to this entry with a short snippet, and someone else will riff off that initial comment with a response of their own. The next poster can either respond to my original comment, or the new comment(s) (again, using a line or an image from the prexisting material) and so on and so forth until everyone has posted.

There should be different comment threads branching off one another (like the titular tree, how appropriate!) and as long as it's angsty and at least 100 words long it'll fit the drabble requirements. Just make sure you're responding to the right thread - it's probably a good idea to make use of those "subject" lines. The key thing is to keep things interactive and to be using other peoples' ideas to come up with something new. Write as much or as little as you like, too. Hopefully everyone (even our pinch-hitters!) will take a couple of turns.

Okay, have fun! Bring the angst!
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Well folks, the polls have closed and the Blood-Smeared Polar Bear narrowly edged out the Unnamed Box Turtle to win the dubious distinction of becoming our Angst team mascot. It was a very close race (8-7) and I wanted to thank you for voting and doing your bit for the democratic system.

I'm going to put out a request to you talented visual artists out there: could one of you brilliant folks come up with an icon or a banner of our angsty polar bear? We'd like to use it when we want to intimidate the opposition, so images of Knut are out. We want something that says, "Life is painful and then you get eaten by a polar bear." A lot of the team members suggested using screencaps from [ profile] sisabet's fantastic IceBound Stream vid (and look! She's got a blood-smeared bear icon of her own!), so you've already got something to work with.

Artists, I would love you forever if you'd do this! Err, scratch that. I will angst you forever! And I'm sure the team would appreciate it very much, too. Only they'd be all sad and reserved about it.
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I hope that it is ok to post these here, and now :)

All three boys, all three pairings (if someone needs an F/V/K one, let me know and I will make one). I still have the bases, so if the Team Captain wants one modified or a writer wants one personalized, let me know and I will do my best to make it happen.

Team ANGST! )
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Hi all!

Just checking in to take care of some spamCaptainy duties and remind those of you who haven't yet filled out yesterday's questionnaire to do so. It's important stuff! It's your chance to introduce yourself to the team, talk about your angst reading habits, and weigh in on your choice for our team mascot. It also occurred to me that you might like to have a list of all our team members without all that sign-up junk (like, uh, email addresses) getting in the way.

the following contains your daily recommended dose of angst )

I'd like to start up with a few prewriting exercises later today or tomorrow just to make sure we're in sync and cooking with angst and not, say, romance with angst-shaped tears sprinkled on top. (Yeah, I know. My gift lies not in metaphor. Or grammar). For now I'll just reiterate that I love, love, LOVE our team (but not in that gooey romantic way) and don't forget to introduce yourself and answer the questions!
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Hullo everyone, and welcome aboard the Team Angst Train! I'm your evil overlordfriendly neighbourhood captain [ profile] nos4a2no9, and I'm here to provide leadership, encouragement and gentle mocking of Team Romance.

[ profile] china_shop and [ profile] sageness will assign prompts soon since this is a fast-and-dirty challenge: we'll have four weeks once the dialogue prompts are handed out to write the angstiest fic we can possibly generate. Then our stories will be posted anonymously and matched up against a Romance competitor’s fic, folks will vote on which one they like better, and our team will take our well-earned victory lap and hand those Romance suckers our spare hankies. Easy as Ray Kowalski!

What I'd like to do before we get started on the stories is to spend some time discussing what "angst" actually means and how we can write those heartbreaking gems that are sure to garner us the votes we need to put Team Angst in the winner's circle. Most of you are old pros at the angst game (I think [ profile] katallison may have written something with angst content once, for example) but there are a few new faces on our team list and I thought it might be helpful to provide a few definitions and examples of angsty goodness.

Woe, angst, woe )

Finding a good balance between romantic resolution and desperate longing might be a bit tricky, particularly for those of you who haven't written a great deal of dS fanfiction, but I'm going to run a few prewriting exercise that will get us warmed up and thinking angsty thoughts. I'd like to give everyone a chance to introduce themselves, too, and mention that while we'll keep the introductions and writing exercises public we'll hold beta and strategy sessions behind f-locked posts. We don't want the [ profile] ds_team_romance agents to steal any of our secrets! So make sure you lock your posts to this community once we move into the writing stage of the matchup challenge.

Once we get rolling I'd love to host brainstorming sessions and invite workshopping within the comm: we're a team and part of the fun of this challenge is offering one another support, help and encouragement. Remember, the better the individual stories are the better our chance of winning the competition! Whinging about how tough this subject matter is to tackle is welcome, and don't be shy about posting your rough ideas to the comm or putting up requests for a beta. We like our fic dark and our characters slightly bitter but we're a friendly group at the end of the day, and I hope this place will come to feel like a community as the weeks pass by.

*Whew* Okay, I think that covers most of the basic information you need to know as newly inaugurated members of [ profile] ds_team_angst. I thought it might be fun to hold a "getting to know you" session over the weekend, so drop by at your leisure and comment to this post with answers to the following questions:

1. What made you decide to sign up for [ profile] ds_team_angst?

2. What are your top five favorite angsty due South stories?

3. Who's a bigger woobie: Fraser, RayK or RayV?

4. True or false: Ray's unnamed box turtle is a much better choice for our team's Mascot than a blood-smeared polar bear.

5. Team Romance is going to go down. In flames. Right?
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